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Untamed Rose

Starry Night Heart, Glass Heart Lampwork Universe Space Jewelry

Starry Night Heart, Glass Heart Lampwork Universe Space Jewelry

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Pendant or Necklace

Glass Boro Pendant. Made to look like you are holding a whole galaxy in the palm of your hand.
Clear glass twisted just right with pure silver leaf creates these effect of yellows and blues in the glass, the tiny stars you see are balls of leftover silver. The back is covered with several layers of fine black powered glass. Larger pendant at an inch and half long, see photos for exact size.
This one was then cut and shaped into a heart pendant, and I expermented a bit with doing the planets differently. This one has three a speckled red, a blue green and a purple planet.

One of a kind item, exactly the item shown in the photos is the one shipped!

Can come by itself or with a 20" 925 sterling silver snake chain as shown in the photos.

Would be happy to create a custom pendant for you as well. Just converse me and ask :)

The universe pendants I make are OOAK's I cant make an exact one ever again. Have several in stock here

All of my glass pieces are hand made by myself from borosilicate. The glass comes to me in 3 to 5 foot long rods, I use an extremely hot torch to melt and shape the glass. These are not made with molds but hand sculpted. They have also been properly annealed in a professional kiln, to strengthen them and increase durability. I use USA made glass and tools to make my creations.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I am happy to take custom orders and do wholesale orders as well.
Thank you for looking at my work. Link back to my shop

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