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Untamed Rose

Extra Long Glass Icicles 10" to 12" Long NEW 2022

Extra Long Glass Icicles 10" to 12" Long NEW 2022

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It's an extra-long version of my glass icicles. They are roughly two inches thick at the top, and stay around an inch for the majority of the body until narrowing down to a tip and between 10 to 12 inches long. Around 5-6 oz each they will need a sturdy tree branch to hang on.

These Glass Icicles start as 5-foot-long boro rods, they are melted section by section with my lampwork torch and handcrafted by twisting and pushing or pulling into an icicle. Which is quite a good shoulder workout!

Glass Icicles that will not melt no matter where you happen to be having your Christmas and holiday celebrations are beautiful on the tree, from a wreath, under the mantel lip with a fire reflecting on them, or anywhere else you would like to hang them. Can be hung with a ribbon or with a classic wire hook. Suggest strong branches if hanging on the tree.
They make wonderful easy Gifts for friends, family co-workers. Just add a ribbon, maybe a small charm or tag...and ta-da everyone is covered with a truly unique gift that they will never regift.

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